Apply to become a Viking Tester


The children who are chosen to be Viking Testers will receive a free pair of shoes in their preferred size and colour. In return we want a short statement from the little tester and a picture of the tester with the shoes in action. Mom or dad would also have to give a short feedback and answer a few questions about how the shoes was to wear.


We also want you to post a picture (or several) of the shoes in usage with the hashtag #vikingtester. Viking are allowed to use the pictures in their digital channels (social media, webshop and newsletter). Please make sure that your Instagram profile is publically visible during the Viking Tester-period, for us to be able to see them.


Week 2: Hero R GTX Winter Boot

 Hero R GTX 3 farger


Fill out the application form below, to become a Viking Tester. You may write in you local language :)

Living in Norway? Apply here.

Living in Germany? Apply here.